About Biome Technologies

Biome Technologies is a contract research organization. We provide R&D services, regulatory guidance, training and consultancy services to biotechnology based pharma and agri-biotech industry. We deeply understand the needs of our customers and provide them high quality, cost effective and competitive services. Our services include product discovery and development, biologic assay development, upstream and downstream support. We also extend our support to academic institutions through our training programmes to generate highly skilled biotechnology workforce. The close partnerships are also being developed with the academic institutions, NGOs and government organizations for the purpose of services and social awareness.

Industrial services

Agriculture solutions
We emphasize on high productivity agriculture through our ecofriendly product development. Our agriculture services include the development of plant growth promoting microflora, Biofertilizers, bio insecticides and plant growth promoter formulations. Field trial and valuation of bio-efficacy of different agrochemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers on different crops. The probiotic and probiotic health supplements for animal husbandry.

Biofuel / Bioenergy
We offer high performance enzymes, microbial consortia and processes for the biofuel industry.

Food and Beverages
We offer our expertise to food industry to deliver highest quality possible with healthy and cost effective means. Specialized enzymes and microbes are incorporated for the fast and economical process, betterment of flavour and texture with improved shelf life.

Waste management
We provide diverse, customised and effective solutions for the municipal and industrial waste treatment

We also offer customized biotechnology solutions and expertise for the leather, textile, paper industry etc.

Academic Services

Training and workshops are offered as per the necessity. Graduation and post graduation research projects and dissertations in the area of Bioenergy, Enzymology, microbiology, Genetic engineering and Waste management.

Social services

With our experts in association with NGOs and government organizations we conduct workshops for social awareness e.g. Hygiene, Healthy food, Biofertilizers, the microbes surrounding us – dos and don’ts etc. and more

Research based Contribution in Policy making and defining strategy

We will help you to address the market need and identify future necessity based on research expertise. The coming first always provide the leading edge in the market.

Licensing and regulatory guidelines

Consultancy will be provided for manufacturing and product licensing. Compliance to regulatory guidelines as per fertilizer control act and insecticide control act. Product biosafety tests, product trials, product registration. Compliances, product label, advertising purpose (scientific content).

Infrastructure – turnkey projects / consultancy

We will help you to scientifically build up an infrastructure along with highly productive, cost effective solutions. It includes quality control laboratory setup, manufacturing and packaging facilities as per standards and regulations.

Product innovation, Product design and product improvisation

To stay up to date in the market, we will help you to bring innovative products and solutions to address market problems and demands before timeline delays and costly setbacks. It consist of formulation upgradation, new formulation development, bringing up working formulation from the market.

Process design, process setup, and process improvisation

The seasonal supply of the raw material makes it mandatory to update process to maintain product quality and keep up with regulatory guidelines. We will collaborate with you at each step of each and every stage to keep it up to date as per quality standards and regulatory guidelines. There will be consistent up gradation and process improvisation to increase quality and cost efficiency to stay competitive.

Raw material – availability and alternatives, quality assessment and selection

We will assist you in getting raw material for ongoing and coming products and as per 4.a.

24 X 7 online assistance and Onsite services in case of necessity

Onsite visits will be given in case of new formulation / process setup, quality parameters and issue of regulatory guidelines and for miscellaneous purpose etc.We will be available for 24 X 7 online assistance over telephone, internet etc.

Scientific representation for your company

We will help you to represent technically / represent on behalf of you to government bodies, authorities, Presentation for conferences, workshops, farmers companies and groups, farmer meets etc.